2014 OC Christmas Tour: Worship Christ the Newborn King

The OC Christmas Tour for this Christmas season is now under way, a Chuang family tradition we started back in 2011, where we go to as many Christmas worship services as possible during Christmas week. People say that Christmas is all about Jesus, and we ought to make time for Him instead of being busy with many other things and not making room for Him. One of the best way I can think of to doing that is devoting as much time as possible to being a part of worship services with the many Christian families and churches. Stops we’re making this year (tentative):

Saturday 12/20
@ 6:00pm Saddleback Church Online Campus http://saddleback.com/online

Sunday 12/21
@ 9:00am EvFree Fullerton http://www.evfreefullerton.com/kingdomcome/
@ 11:30am Eastside Church http://www.eastside.com/news-events/events-calendar/
@ 6:00p The Crossing http://costamesachristmas.com/

Monday 12/22
@ 7:00pm Eastside Church http://www.eastside.com/news-events/events-calendar/

Tuesday 12/23
@ 5:00pm Saddleback Church Lake Forest http://saddleback.com/events/Christmas/2014

Wednesday 12/24
@ 12:00pm ROCKHARBOR Costa Mesa http://www.rockharbor.org/christmas-2014/

I’ve put together a spreadsheet with 23 different churches in Orange County, so you too can find the times & locations for Christmas worship services to put together your own OC Christmas Tour – at http://140t.co/2014christmasoc – and a word of thanks to @RickWarren for retweeting my list.

I’d love to connect with you at one of our stops – follow me on Twitter @djchuang for the latest real-time tweets of our checkins.

To be clear, all of these churches and their Christmas services are not a competition or to be compared; they’re a celebration for God’s coming as a baby, into our midst and even our mess, and wanting to be with us! That’s been a recurring theme and rightly so.

You might notice in our itinerary that we’re going to Eastside twice – yes we are. I give thanks for the Journey to Christmas crew there, for making a most memorable Christmas celebration that is beautifully artistic, engagingly participatory and fully immersive. Thank you!

p.s. for the Eastside Church livestream video viewable anywhere, go to http://www.eastside.com/messages-media/ during scheduled times


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