A Christmas mass choir at Disneyland every year

Made a new discovery at Disneyland this weekend, proclaiming the great story of Christmas. First time I’ve heard of this tradition called Candlelight, and even my huge-Disneyland-relative Rachelle didn’t know about this most awesome annual experience.


Last night as we were ready to close out our day and walking out towards Main Street for dinner off-site, there over the speakers was the beautiful sounds of beloved Christmas hymns accompanied by organ music. Of course, being worship lovers (with our own family tradition of the OC Christmas Tour [schedule for 2014] where we attend Christmas worship services at as many different churches every year; our record is 10), we sang along. Then as we worked our way to the Main Entrance and the giant Christmas tree, there before us was this mass choir with probably over 300 members! We caught a few minutes of the 1st session, and good thing there was a 2nd session at 7:50pm last night.

If you’re at Disneyland and checking your smartphone, there’s 2 Candlelight services tonight (12.07.14) at 5:30pm and 8:00pm.

Yes, we stayed on-site to get dinner, then lined up as soon as we finished eating, and long story short, we got into the standing room only section to experience the magical wonders of beautiful worship with Christmas hymns and the reading of Scriptures by Beau Bridges!

Apparently this is a little known tradition that dates back to 1958, as this Candlelight Ceremony and Processional is designed more as an invite-only event for the likes of Club 33 VIPers. I do commend Disneyland for how it serves all of humanity in a pluralistic society, making itself known for a place that promotes happiness for everyone. And, yes, even Christians that love the Christmas story.

And, at risk of raising too much profile for this event, I’m going to do my part to raise awareness for this event for my Christmas-loving friends with my fan page for Disneyland Candlelight.


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