OC Christmas Tour 2017

One of the family Christmas traditions we started in 2011 is to worship at as many churches as we could during Christmas week. We’re able to go to more churches when there are fewer gatherings with extended family. Not sure what the plans are for this year yet.

Here in Orange County, California, a dozen or so larger churches have extra worship services to accommodate more people (and have the resources to run those extra events.)  And that allows us to visit more churches over several days. This year the festivities start as soon as Tuesday 12/19 and culminates with Christmas Eve on Sunday 12/24.

Here is the overall schedule for Orange County churches with extra Christmas worship services in 2017. A small Christmas gift to the people of Orange County.

Feel free to use the spreadsheet to map out your own Christmas tour.


2 responses to “OC Christmas Tour 2017”

  1. Fun idea! Be sure to add eastjordan.church to your list – it’s open 24/7 you know.

    1. Evan, thanks for adding a comment. This list is intended for only churches that have in-person worship services in Orange County. May your online church reach people far and wide, to God be the glory.

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