the 2015 OC Easter Tour, a family tradition 3

As Holy Week for Christian churches around the world approaches the weekend, churches are hosting worship services for the next four days. And, thus begins our family traditions (since 2011) for going to as many churches as possible in the OC, that is, Orange County, California. To take on the […]

Going to 11 churches for Christmas 2011 10

We love Christmas yes we do, we love Christmas how ’bout you? Worshiping Jesus is what Christmas is all about, and in Orange County there are many worship times serve many people. And it’s even possible to worship at 11 different churches for a more fuller and wider experience of […]

Popular Churches in the OC and Southern California

A list of megachurches in Orange County and Southern California where thousands and thousands of people attend church, listed in no particular order. People vote with their feet, you might say, though that’s 50% of church attenders – 50% of churchgoers attend churches over 350 in size. [cf.Top 10 Largest Churches in […]

finding a church home in Irvine California 5

I like connecting people to people. There, I’ve said it. Whether it’s people to God, people to resources, people to churches, people to places, it’s listening people’s question and connecting to what they’re looking for. In a recent conversation, someone moving into the Irvine area is looking for a church. […]