Statements around an elephant in the evangelical room

It’s a painful tragedy, however you look at it. Pastor Bill Hybels of world-renowned Willow Creek Community Church resigned on April 10, 2018. Mainstream media and social media have mentioned. Statements by key people have been posted. What will other pastors say about this evangelical elephant in the room?

The seduction of celebrity power

Andy Crouch commentary on celebrity power, allegations, and institution-building—insightfully and succinctly written on a Twitter thread of tweets. Posted with permission.

How much sleep do you need?

If there’s a difference between how many hours you sleep versus how many hours you need to sleep, that’s called sleep deprivation. Many of us have learned how to live with less than optimal sleep because of the demands of life. The sure way to know how much sleep you […]

What really is the value of Christian apologetics? 1

Content of all kinds swirl around the internet and one category has been grouped under Christian apologetics. Apologetics has been around pre-internet and perhaps for many centuries. I was posed this question recently to which I decided to respond: Q: So do you think there is value in Christian apologetics? […]

Where Asian American Pastors Can Get Coaching 1

You have choices for coaching cohorts as Asian American pastors; coaching helps you to grow your effectiveness as pastors, church leaders, church planters, spiritually, relationally and personally.

$20 for your thoughts, Asian American Pastors

Asian American Pastor and Church Survey! (Around 30 minutes, $20 Amazon gift card) If you are a lead/senior/solo Asian American pastor of a predominately Asian American congregation (i.e. EM, pan-Asian, multiethnic), fill out this online survey (around 30 minutes) and receive a $20 Amazon gift card. Please share this with […]

Can we talk about shame?

Yes, we have launched a podcast called Erasing Shame where we will have honest talk for healthy living—emotionally, relationally, mentally, and personally. DJ Chuang and Eunice Lee will co-host Season 1 together. I’m particular grateful for Eunice making time to do this podcast together, because the topic of shame is […]

Talking about Faith and Technology

As much as digital technology has become a part of our everyday life, the thoughtful reflections and conversations about the areas of spirituality and technology seems to be lagging and lacking. Technology develops so much faster than spiritual leaders can keep up with, just like laws too have a hard […]