The Decline of the Tim Keller Wiki website

Since 2009, for about 8 years, a small group of contributors curated content for the Tim Keller Wiki at At that time, only 2 popular books authored by Pastor Tim Keller had been published, namely, The Reason for God and The Prodigal God. Many many more Tim Keller books […]

10 Most Common Causes of Hopelessness

There is hope for living each and every moment of life, each and every day. But, some people struggle with hopelessness. I know I have. This sermon titled “How Hope Is Your Anchor” (September 2015) by Pastor Rick Warren shared these 10 reasons for why people lose hope, getting triggered towards […]

Erasing the Shame of Mental Illness

Quite the honor and privilege to be here at the inaugural Honor Shame Conference 2017 at Wheaton College, near Chicago. This is very pioneering work to bring out other facets and perspectives embedded in Scriptures that are brought out through the lens of honor-shame cultures. Powerful presentation so far by […]

Looking for smart sermon podcasts

Someone asked me for sermons and sermon podcasts with smarter preachers, with more intellectually engaging content. This would be in contrast to the many other popular sermon podcasts that might be described as “putting cookies on the bottom shelf” and everyday language to try to reach the largest number of people, […]

3 Big Lists of Church Social Media Policies

Doing social media for churches is easy, that’s why social media is so popular, because it’s easy. But, when a church is larger and complicated or there’s questions about how effective or strategic social media has to be, then social media becomes work that takes some thinking and planning to […]

Research on Chinese Canadian Christians in progress 1

There’s a research project about Chinese Canadian Christians underway that’d be very valuable and of interest to many. This is a summary by Jonathan Tam with details about this research— “Listen to their Voices” is a project spearheaded by Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism – Canada (CCCOWE-Canada) and joint-funded […]