What does Asian American discipleship look like?

Question: ”wanted to see if you had or knew of any resources that spoke on Asian American Discipleship. We’re working on a discipleship framework but I’m realizing that it is so “white.” So I’m looking for resources that would speak more into what “Asian American” discipleship looks like.”

@djchuang answer: that’s a great question, and something that Jesus talked about in his closing words, for his followers to be making disciples. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

This book has it in its title -> Following Jesus without Dishonoring Your Parents: Asian American Discipleship (IVP, 1998)

This 2014 article by Jonathan Ng (Asian American ministry at UT Austin with InterVarsity) presents a framework

G2G Christian Education Center is publishing curriculum as part of its work of “Equipping Generations of Asian North American Christian Leaders Through Education and Empowerment.” Description of their curriculum: “… features stories and examples taken from real life experiences of Korean North Americans (KNA) coupled with sound teachings from scripture. All of our lessons are intentionally written to spark conversations that will get young KNA Christians to start thinking and asking critical questions about the role of Christ in their lives. Based on research and a theological framework, our curriculum gives youth workers the tools to address topics like family, parent-child relationships, Korean culture, personal faith, dating, sexuality, natural gifts/talents, church, race, and global society…”


And, back in October 2013, the Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity hosted a panel discussion on Discipleship for Asian Americans, but I don’t know if there are recordings or resources available from that. Did find this mention: Ms Ling Ling Chen will present her Summation Paper on Discipling Asian Americans where she proposes a three-component model.

Do you know any other good resources? Please add a comment here or contact me to contribute anonymously.


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