Wikis made easier to edit with beautiful designs

Design is becoming more essential for presenting information on the Internet. In 2015, relevant websites are now responsive-design, no longer just mobile-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing, in part ushered in by the compelling use of beautiful design by Apple on personal consumer technologies: iPod, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and so on.

Most of the popular websites on the Internet gets a new design at least twice a year, for its UX (user experience) or UI (user interface), or both, based on my unscientific intuition. Wikipedia is 1 of the top 10 most popular websites in the world, but its design is long overdue for an update. I love how people are crowdsourcing their collective knowledge (I’ve contributed too) and how the Wikipedia platform provides wisdom of the crowd to the masses, resulting in 87% of Wikipedia entries without error.

WikiMatrix has the biggest list of wiki engines and most of them offer some kind of a template system for custom design. But where are the wiki platforms that are easy to use (without having to learn markup language or special syntax) and have beautifully designed templates ready to go?

I’ve found 2 easy-to-use beautifully-designed wiki platforms recently: Notion and SlimWiki.

// [update March 2016] Just found out about another one called – “A lightweight real-time wiki that works the way you think” //


Notion describes itself as a collaborative document editor while SlimWiki describes itself as beautiful wikis for teams. I just got emailed by both of them today asking for my feedback, but I haven’t used them extensively to provide any. But I do want to love the direction they’re taking collaborative digital publishing.


If you’ve used both Notion and SlimWiki, which one do you like better and why?

My sample SlimWiki site is at, but paid subscription is required to make it visible to the public; and it looks like Notion isn’t designed for public sharing, or I haven’t figured out how yet.

cf. Quora:: What is a good wiki software that can be used to host both public and private information, is easy to use (including WYSIWYG), has a good user management and comes at very low cost or free? | Is there any form of easy to use wiki/online-collaboration software that non-technical users could easily contribute to?


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  1. Also, found Wikiwand to be a great add-on extension that automagically displays Wikipedia entries with a beautiful overlay.

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