Anyone Can Publish

You’ve got a voice. You can publish. Anyone can publish.

Having said that, this doesn’t mean everyone should publish. What I am saying is that more of us should publish.

Posting something online no longer has to be only for business purposes. Set the plaguing questions aside and don’t worry about what to write or what to say. Don’t have to worry about how many readers or subscribers you have. It’s not a performance; not a competition. Just speak. Just write. Being knownable is better than being unknownable.

(This doesn’t mean you say anything and everying that crosses your mind. Posting online does mean writing or saying something that could be read or heard around the world. It is public. It is permanent.)

You’ve got a unique contribution to the world. Your story. Your voice. Your opinions. Just as your vote counts, your voice counts.

Making your voice and thoughts and feelings known, expressing it online, is a part of being human. It’s you being you.

What’s holding you back?


4 responses to “Anyone Can Publish”

  1. Are you talking about digital publishing? Blogs? eBooks? Videos?

    What’s holding me back from doing more is that I don’t have the workflow down yet. What I am discovering is that the areas in which I am able to be productive usually have workflow processes figured out — basically, I have a routine and the friction to doing it is minimized by it.

    So today, I actually tried to set-up my email-to-blog connection today with WordPress, but Gmail FAILED today. It just hung when trying to log into my super secret posting email account. Ugh.

    I’m also reading Kem Meyer’s Clutter/Noise book for a blog tour project and it is finally encouraging myself to work at a book this year. Check back in with me in a couple of months to see if this has gotten any traction.

    What about you? Do you have an offline blog post composer? Do you blog within the CMS? on your phone? How are you making it easier to get that content out of your head and onto the page?

    1. @Kenny, all of the above. Anyone can publish, be it blogging, podcasting, video, eBook, print-on-demand paperback or hardback, etc etc.

      I’d say that getting started is the big first step, it’s the way to get past “writer’s block” and figuring out workflow and finding & developing one’s voice. Granted, this blog post is just for the 1st step to get out of the gate. There are lots of other blog posts and articles about doing things strategically and reaching goals and that kind of stuff.

      I do not use an offline blog post composer, I’m very much a web app guy. So I blog right here inside of the WordPress system. I’ve probably got over 100 drafts sitting in there. The other place I gather random ideas, and I’ve got plenty of them, is in Evernote and Diigo.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement to publish. I have been resurrecting ideas for 2 books –
    1. Americanized North American Preaching based on the workshop I did in the Bay Area last year. Thanks for getting a synopsis interview on YouTube –
    2. Preaching in a Multicultural World where I expand my published article for Preaching magazine –

    It helps when I do preaching and teaching related to material that needs to get out there. Also I could use some conversation partners. Any takers on these topics?

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