Value of an Asian American church planting network 5

Q: “Do you know of any non-denominational Asian-American church planting networks? Do you see much value in such a thing verses denominational channels or mainstream American networks?” A: [djchuang] I don’t know of 1 that’s that specific – a ch.planting network for Asian American and non-denominational. Given that a majority […]

Networks of missional churches 5

There’s been lots of buzz about the missional church, some have described it as: a movement, a description of a “shift in thinking”, small networks, or more than 50 ways to define missional; with the word’s origin traced as far back as 1883. And here’s a video, The Missional […]

how to put a price tag on coaching and mentoring 36

Question >> ” what do u think of this paid church coaching trend? is it biblical? Somewhere deep down, I just can’t imagine Paul turning to Timothy and saying I’ll help you for $250 per month? ” djchuang >> I am seeing a growing trend of people offering their services […]