Church Conference Season starting up Fall 2013

fall2013confsWhen I connect with church leaders in person or online, one of the most frequently asked question is what conference should they go to. That’s not an easy question. And in the coming months, I’ll be at these 5 church conferences as a speaker in some way shape or form. I’m making time for these, maybe you should too. I’d love to connect with you pastors and church leaders at 1 or more of these events::

  • Oct 7-10 Exponential LA at Saddleback Church @ Lake Forest, CA
    The largest church planting conference west of the Mississippi! We need more new churches, plain and simple. I’ll be facilitating 2 workshops on multi-site churches and multi-ethnic/multi-Asian churches.
  • Oct 15 Turnaround 20/20 Conference @ Nashville
    20 speakers with 20 minutes, and I’m batting clean-up, as in last. Will share a couple stories of turnaround churches in the Asian American context.
  • Oct 16-17 iMinistry 2013 – Internet ministry conference @ Dallas
    There’s no question that the Internet has forever changed our lives in the 21st century; and this gathering of pioneers are energizing the base so that the church can better extend its ministries online via online campuses, social, mobile and digital strategies.
  • Oct 28-29 Raw Church Unconference @ Riverside, CA
    Real Issues. More Conversations. Less Talking Heads. Broken people and church leaders experiencing grace, forgiveness, and restoration. Unlike any other church conference because of its most unusual and engaging format.
  • Nov 5-6 #mosaix2013: 2nd National Multi-ethnic Church Conference (Long Beach, California) hosted by Mosaix Global Network
    Historic gathering of the best multiethnic/multicultural church and ministry leaders to share biblical theology and real-life examples and practical tips for churches to be effective with the accelerating diversity in America and around the world.

There’s a lot more I can write-up about each of these, and I’ll be done that in different ways in the weeks ahead. Right now I wanted to put this out there with a twitter-size description, so if one (or more) of them seems to resonate with where you are in your life and/or ministry, add a comment and I can unpack more about it. Happy to do that!


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