What can the church do to end racism?

Racism is alive and well, and terribly ugly and fraught with anger and fear, violent in words and deeds, even in the post-enlightenment 21st century.

People on both sides of the aisle, faith and non-faith, Christian or not, vigorously protest the injustices of the American government. (then there are people who are making it worse by doing nothing or by feeding into the fears and xenophobia of racial tensions with immigrants, refugees, class envy, etc) I think it takes more than an all-hands-on-deck approach to tackle this monster called racism that’s infected the human race for centuries.

Multi-ethnic Churches Are Diffusing Racism

Doing the hard work of developing multi-ethnic churches provide a community-based approach that brings people together through relationships to foster healing and cultivate creative solutions that help everyone, because every single person is created in the image of God.

Now, here’s the best opportunity to take the next giant step forward.

Mosaix Multi-ethnic Church Conference is gathering 1,000+ Christian community leaders from around the United States, and some other countries too. I’m going to #mosaix2019 this November 5-7 in Keller, Texas (in the DFW area) so that we can recognize that we’re in this fight to end racism together and there’s hope for all.

This #mosaix2019 conference comes around only once every 3 years. Considering bringing a team with you to exponentially increase the value of the time invested. Wherever you are in that process of going from a monoethnic faith community, aspiring to be more ethnically diverse, navigating multicultural diversity, or more challenging issues in our society, #mosaix2019 is the best place to find the solutions and examples that’ll help your church and ministry.

Bring a team and register with a discount by using code FODJ1 for $30 off (groups of 3-10) and FODJ2 for $40 off (groups of 10+) at checkout.

Asian Americans in a Multiethnic World

Encouraging to see these Asian American leaders on the #mosaix2019 speakers roster: Dan Hyun, Daniel Yang, Drew Hyun, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Harry Li, Insil Kang, Julie Tai, Kevin Haah, Paul Kyu-Jin Choi, Paul Sohn, Ray Chang, Raymond Chang, Saehee Duran, Sam Chacko, Susie Gamez, Yucan Chiu. Can’t wait to connect with each and every one!

On a personal note, I’m a part of hosting Thirty.Network meetups for next generation Asian American pastors and church leaders under 40 years in age, during the breaks in the conference schedule, so we can make connections that will create a better future for all.

Each of us can do something. And we can do more when we’re together. See you in Texas at #mosaix2019 this November!



3 responses to “What can the church do to end racism?”

  1. Jay Cole Avatar

    Solutions to all of the ” Church” challenges is building relationships.

  2. Used the group code. Thanks DJ! Hope to see you at the conference.

  3. @Ben, very good! See you at the conference – I’ll be the Asian looking guy wearing orange. Eager to meet the group you’re coming with, too.

    @Jay, yes indeed.

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