How to subscribe to iTunes podcasts on Android

Too often I’m finding podcasts that only have an iTunes feed, and neglecting the significant numbers of people using Android and non-iOS devices and/or don’t have iTunes installed on the desktop (and don’t want to).

podcastsHey podcasters, please post both the iTunes feed and the RSS feed for all your listeners; maximize your listening audience size and increase it by 24.9%!

Yet all is not lost! Underneath every iTunes podcast feed link is embedded a simple RSS feed! There are 3 ways to get at that: : iTunes Podcast URL Extractor Feed FlipperFree iTunes Podcast to RSS Converter

And, here’s a bookmarklet you can copy-and-paste into your browser’s bookmarks toolbar, courtesy of djm – Bookmarklet: Convert iTunes Store Podcast URL into actual feed URL ::

By the numbers. Around the world, smartphone sales are heavily skewed to Android over iOS–sales in Q4 2012 were 70.1% Android vs. 21% iOS; on the flip side, mobile browser usage statistics: 60.1% iOS vs. 24.9% Android (NetMarketShare March 2013).

cf. how to convert itunes podcast link to rss feed; FeedFlipper was also suggested in this MetaFilter thread Need help subscribing to podcast in Android

p.p.s. If you want to do it the long way, here’s instructions from Dave Taylor: How do I figure out my iTunes Podcast URL?

[update] via Michael Sitarzewski’s How to get the original RSS feed for a podcast in iTunes — Download itunesFeedExtractor PHP Script: itunesFeedExtractor