6 Stages of Grief, according to Pastor Rick Warren

Pastor Rick Warren’s heart-touching most-powerful sermon series, How to Get Through What You’re Going Through, walks with you through the 6 stages of grief, his first sermon series after returning from sabbatical after his family tragedy.

Take your time digesting this rich and helpful content for when you or someone you know needs to go through grief, because we all will have those times in our lives. Here’s the direct links to the sermon videos & audios at saddleback.com::

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Discover hope and peace during life’s most painful and trying times as Pastor Rick continues his series, “How To Get Through What You’re Going Through.” Sharing his own personal journey of loss, Pastor Rick will explore six phases of grief and teach us how we can find hope in the midst of despair.

SHOCK: When your world falls apart
SORROW: When your heart is breaking
STRUGGLE: When you don’t understand
SURRENDER: How to experience peace
SANCTIFICATION: How God turns bad to good
SERVICE: How to use your pain for good

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Buy the sermon series from SaddlebackResources.comVideo: Pastor Rick Warren on His 6 Stages of Grief (Parade 11/30/13)

videos with Chinese subtitles: Shock + Sorrow + Struggle + Surrender + Sanctification + Service

One more poignantly helpful sermon, “How to Help a Friend in Deep Pain,” explaining the priceless value of tears and how we can help anyone experiencing deep pain or grief.


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