12 days before Christmas Eve

Today is that magical numerological date in history 12/12/12 and at 12:12:12 I was sitting down for lunch at a place called Chef Chen because a friend suggested it via Yelp. Where were you?

As Christmas 2012 draws near, the Chuang family (my dear wife and sharp son) are preparing for the 2012 OC Christmas Tour where it’s our family tradition to worship with the extended family of God at as many worship services as we can get to. Last year we made it to 10. We love Christmas!! This year we were aiming for 12, but because of how it falls on the calendar, the odds are against us. Here’s the spreadsheet of Orange County churches with multiple Christmas worship services we know of — add a comment if you know of another one.


2 responses to “12 days before Christmas Eve”

  1. jason chu and i had @ 12 pancakes of Beijing duck at THE DUCK
    HOUSE today in Monterey Park dreamin’ + visionatin’ together

    1. Yum yum yum, times 12! 🙂 I haven’t had Beijing duck for years.. love visionatin’, if it’s anythin’ like ideatin’

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