5 Best Christmas Sermons of 2018

Christmas gets celebrated by millions and billions around the world. In America, millions sing Christmas songs and listen to a pastor preach a message to retell the Christmas story.

Communication in the 21st century has become a multimedia experience by creative pastors who work extra hard to handcraft a message that is more than spoken words. (though pastors that can hold the attention of thousands without any props, that’s even a tougher act, eh?)

Very Creative Christmas Sermons

Eric Geiger of Mariners Church seamlessly interspersed video clips as he talked about Jesus being the Prince of Peace—sermon starts at 32:34. I’m happy to have experienced this one in person.

Pastor Bill Cornelius of Church Unlimited delivered this sermon in 100% silence. He didn’t speak at all! Now that’s a sermon anyone can preach, eh?

Pastor Tom Kang of NewStory LA speaks to the miraculous event of God With Us, preaching in an open-air tent; old-school meets hi-tech. Let me ask you this: when was the last time you saw a swimming goldfish at church?

Brian Tome of Crossroads Church talks out of a dark cave, weaving together a video segments with multiple voices and stories to speak of the Light coming into the darkness.

Tim Lucas of Liquid Church came at the Christmas story from a whole different angle about how in the world Jesus’ parents lost him; wait for it, the big reveal at 23:00

Know of another very creative Christmas sermon from 2018? Add a comment, I’d love to experience it too.

OC Christmas Tour 2018

By the way, our family tradition of Christmas tour in the OC made it to 6 stops this year. This tradition started in 2011, where we go to as many different churches as possible for Christmas worship services during Christmas week. We even found a church that sings all the verses of traditional Christmas hymns, and didn’t skip verse three.