a List of Churches on Pinterest

While there are articles (here, here, here, here, there) that give great ideas for how a church could be using Pinterest, right now it’s kinda elusive to find churches actually actively using Pinterest.

Aside: I myself have 624 pins and my dear wife has over 2,127 pins.

Here’s a list of churches on Pinterest I’d found, with a current count of pins when this list was compiled (please do add more) ::

http://pinterest.com/marshill/ Mars Hill Church (577 pins)
http://pinterest.com/foresthillpcusa/ Forest Hill Church (477 pins)
http://pinterest.com/uuca Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta (346 pins)
http://pinterest.com/wheatonbible Wheaton Bible Church (129 pins)
http://pinterest.com/fellowshippins/ Fellowship Church (76 pins)
http://pinterest.com/worthingtoncc/ Worthington Christian Church (58 pins)
http://pinterest.com/forefrontnyc/ Forefront Church (34 pins)
http://pinterest.com/bafchurch/ Bay Area Fellowship (4 pins)
http://pinterest.com/gopcmodesto/ (1 pin)

[update: added after original post went live] // http://pinterest.com/northviewchurch/ Northview Church via @brianbarela //

[update 6/22] // Godvertiser.com has a more complete list of pinteresting churches //

At the moment, Pinterest is invite-only. Add a comment and I’d be more than happy to give you an invite.


21 responses to “a List of Churches on Pinterest”

  1. I’m curious about trying it out for (college) course development & expansion. Also, maybe developing a page for my church.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Hey! Don’t forgot us!

    But we only have 32 pins. But they’re QUALITY pins!

    1. @ByronM, cool! Glad you’re posting only quality pins 🙂

  3. Rachelle W. Chuang Avatar
    Rachelle W. Chuang

    I use Pinterest for my college classes. It beats jumping around to multiple websites though the links are there and easily accessible. I’m a curator anyway so Pinterest is the perfect way for everyone to curate their likes and interests (it also gratifies the need to organize the world around us for people like me).

  4. I just got my Church on pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mineheadbaptist/ really excited how we can use this.

    1. Good job James! Way to make a church presence on Pinterest!

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