10 Keys to Developing Leaders in Churches

There’s lots of leadership development resources in recent years, all over in the marketplace, bookstores, nonprofits, and churches too. I think this is part of what it means to be working more productively in today’s fast-changing times and mobilizing people towards a common vision organizationally. One of the privileges for me […]

Asian American Young Influencers Listed 2

Brad Lomenick is a foremost authority on leadership for the present future generation, most recently authoring a definitive book, H3 LEADERSHIP: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle. Brad was also a leader of the organization that ran the Catalyst leadership conferences for like a decade, from which he wrote down top lessons learned in […]

30 emerging leaders listed in Outreach Magazine

This article “New Voices, New Directions” (by Tim Willard and Lindy Lowry @LindyLowry) in the Sept/Oct 2011 issue of Outreach Magazine opens with: “From pastors to social justice advocates to musicians and artists, the evangelical landscape brims with young leaders striving not for the limelight, but to cast a light…” […]

women Asian American Christian ministry leaders 30

Finding voices and faces that can better connect and/or represent both genders in actual diversity of the Christian church can seem elusive, especially in a financially-driven world. One of the currently under-represented grouping is Asian American women who are Christian ministry leaders, be it church or parachurch. Kathy Khang has […]