10 Keys to Developing Leaders in Churches

There’s lots of leadership development resources in recent years, all over in the marketplace, bookstores, nonprofits, and churches too. I think this is part of what it means to be working more productively in today’s fast-changing times and mobilizing people towards a common vision organizationally.

One of the privileges for me was having a support role for a Leadership Network Leadership Community of innovative American churches working intentionally on leadership development. Brent Dolfo directed 5 of these meta-cohorts and has keenly observed and summarized 10 key ingredients in churches that know how to do leadership development:

10 Truths of Churches that Do a Great Job with Leadership Development (Part 1)

10 Truths of Churches that Do a Great Job with Leadership Development (Part 2)

Developing leaders is one of the most critical needs of a growing multiplying church.

And, for you visual learners, here’s a score card (below) that your organization or church could use to evaluate how well you’re doing in these 10 key areas for effective leadership development.

But if you’re serious about developing more leaders in your church (serious enough to invest in it) Leadership Network has a new experience for churches to develop a customized model for leadership developing, replicating, and multiplying leaders for both inside and outside of the church — get all the info at leadnet.org/leadershipdevelopment.