Thirty.Network Raising Asian American Pastors

Last week was the inaugural gathering of the Thirty.Network and I’m in awe and amazed at how it came together. There is so much I want to say about it, and I have, in bits and pieces with a handful of people in the afterglow. I really want to check-in with my blog before getting carried away by the other ebbs and flows of life. 

Thirty.Network gathered 30 Asian American pastors and ministry directors in their 30s (and under) for 30 hours of  conversations about life and ministry towards shaping the next 30 years.

The back story is here – watch this raw video of how we kicked off the by sharing the origins of how the idea was born, when 3 pastors walked into a diner.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.33.01 PM

So very grateful for these 4 – Kevin Nguyen, Sam Yoon, Angela Yee, John Shin – that pitched in to launch something with no budget and no staff. WOW! Running nimble and  lean, just volunteering out of our cognitive surplus, doing something for the pure joy of it. Plus to have the loving support of Slingshot Group and LifeWay from the mainstream evangelical world, we got kickstarted. Thank you for believing! More stories to come at – we’re just getting started…



One response to “Thirty.Network Raising Asian American Pastors”

  1. So blessed to see this come together and meet many others in the ministry trenches! Thank you, DJ, for dreaming and praying and making this happen!

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