A List of Influential Chinese-American Christian Leaders

I asked for help with this question, “Who are the influential Chinese-American (English-speaking) Christian leaders?” on the internet and on Facebook. The crowdsourcing activity was way more numerous on Facebook, with 41 comments and counting.

Here’s the list of Chinese-Americans mentioned on Facebook in response to the question:

I found out after the initial query that the questioner was more interested in church influencers (pastors and professors) rather than all Christian leaders in all kinds of vocations. Fair enough. So I’ve moved Chinese-American Christian leaders who are not religious professionals to this list below:

If you noticed there were names listed above without any description, that’s because I haven’t had the time or energy to find out who they are or they’re not findable on the internet. You may also have observed that there’s a wide range of what people consider to be influential.

Did you find this list helpful? Do you know of others? For those without descriptions, would you describe how they’ve been influential? Please add a comment. Thank you.