Rev. Thomas Wang, a Chinese Leader in World Missions

Rev. Thomas Yung-Hsin Wang (王永信) was highly regarded as an influential Chinese church leader among the worldwide Chinese Christian population. Rev. Wang had a global vision that included both the Chinese diaspora as well as all nationalities and ethnicities as the Great Commission calls for. I had met Rev. Wang […]

A List of Influential Chinese-American Christian Leaders 1

I asked for help with this question, “Who are the influential Chinese-American (English-speaking) Christian leaders?” on the internet and on Facebook. The crowdsourcing activity was way more numerous on Facebook, with 41 comments and counting. Here’s the list of Chinese-Americans mentioned on Facebook in response to the question: Gideon Tsang, […]

Influential English-Speaking Chinese-American Pastors 2

This question came into my inbox, “Who are the influential Chinese-American (English-speaking) Christian leaders?” Frankly, the question stumped me. My hunch is the question behind the question might be to find conference speakers that would draw a crowd. And that’s just how it goes with the business side of conferences, […]

Research on Chinese Canadian Christians in progress 1

There’s a research project about Chinese Canadian Christians underway that’d be very valuable and of interest to many. This is a summary by Jonathan Tam with details about this research— “Listen to their Voices” is a project spearheaded by Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism – Canada (CCCOWE-Canada) and joint-funded […]

Where to get 酸梅汤 Sour Plum Drink #suanmeitang

A wonderfully delicious Chinese beverage known as Suanmeitang 酸梅湯, aka Sour Plum Drink, is traditionally popular in parts of China and Taiwan, and you’d think it’d be available somewhere in popular Chinese areas here in the OC (Orange County, California). Since I don’t read Chinese characters, it hasn’t been easy to find […]

Where are the Good Preachers in the Chinese American Church? 3

I’m feeling sad about the state of the Chinese American Church. I posted this on my Facebook timeline with visibility to my friends, where people have a perception that it’s comfortable to add a comment there. (I tend to see more comments on my Facebook posts than my blog posts) Chinese Americans […]