Rev. Thomas Wang, a Chinese Leader in World Missions

Rev. Thomas Yung-Hsin Wang (王永信) was highly regarded as an influential Chinese church leader among the worldwide Chinese Christian population. Rev. Wang had a global vision that included both the Chinese diaspora as well as all nationalities and ethnicities as the Great Commission calls for.

I had met Rev. Wang on a couple of occasions. I was particularly inspired by him, as a Chinese pastor and ministry leader, for his burden and concern for Chinese and non-Chinese, for Chinese-speaking and English-speaking peoples everywhere. That is a rare find.

Rev. Wang did many ministries among the Chinese, including Chinese Christian Mission, Chinese Coordination Center for World Evangelization, and the Great Commission Center International.

Beyond his ministry with the Chinese, he was actively involved in world missions globally—he founded the AD2000 & Beyond Movement and was the International Director of The Second International Congress on World Evangelism in 1989 (Lausanne II).

Rev. Wang also initiated the America Return to God Prayer Movement, editing a book—America, Return to God—with other  efforts, sending 450,000 copies to leaders. About the potential of Chinese Americans, the immigrant first generation immigrants:

Thomas Wang has a deep conviction that Christian immigrants in America, who have been greatly benefited by this nation in areas of education, opportunities, securities, religious freedom etc. should contribute to America’s national and spiritual well-being.

How Pastor Wang Finished Well

Rev. Wang Yongxin died and went to be with the Lord in heaven at the age of 93 on January 4th, 2018, at 9:00am Pacific time. Thomas Wang was born in 1925 into a third-generation Christian family in Beijing, China. In 1953 he became a pastor in Taipei, Taiwan, eventually expanding his ministry to Europe and North America.

There are many more articles about Rev. Wang in Chinese; not so many in English. Here’s one–”Remembering the Life and Ministry of Rev. Wang Yongxin” (ChinaSource, 1/09/18)—

In August 2009, Rev. Wang Yongxin, then 84 years old, personally led the first gathering of the Internet Mission Forum, a movement to promote the gospel in the new media age. … He also learned from the internet missionary Brother Gideon about how to open up and use Internet blogs.

Brother Gideon said, “Rev. Wang was one of the most senior Christian brothers I have ever seen who was willing to learn how to use new media to share the gospel.” For such a highly respected elder to become so interested in new technologies, to still have such a child-like enthusiasm for evangelism, Rev. Wang was a wonderful example and a great encouragement to all of us who co-labor in Internet missions!”

Thank you Rev. Wang for your faithful and fruitful ministry of a lifetime. May the seeds you have planted be ever more fruitful in the years to come for many generations and many tribes.