“What is it that you do exactly?”

February 2020 has been a heavy travel month, 3 out of 4 weeks away from home—in Virginia, at Mt. Hermon, San Francisco, San Jose, and Nashville, Tennessee.

I’ve got a good website here with a bunch of content, but sometimes people want to have a nice short and sweet summary. There are some people that want something simple. I got asked this question many times this month, “DJ, what is it that you do exactly?” That makes it at the top of my frequently asked questions. Let me try to answer it.

Do you want the short version or the long version?

The short version: I work as an internet engineer.

The 6 things that DJ Chuang does

The longer version: I do a handful of curated things, some for pay because I have bills to pay, and many things that don’t pay (yet?)

  1. Internet engineer for the .BIBLE top-level domain, operated by American Bible Society
  2. VLB.org – strategizing new projects that visually link the Bible in compelling ways; currently working on a Bible-inspired VR game experience
  3. MultiAsian.Church – a book about multiethnic churches with Asian American pastors
  4. Erasing Shame – a podcast with honest talk for healthy living, about mental health and more
  5. Thirty.Network – advancing next generation Asian American pastors and church leaders in a multiethnic world
  6. Generous Giving facilitator for its Journey of Generosity experience – yes, a 24-hour retreat that changes people from the inside out about money

There are 3 main things that DJ Chuang has committed to doing for the rest of the days of his short life, however many that might be. They’re represented by the letters: M.S.G.

Does this help? Anything I should edit and clarify- please add a comment or contact me with your tips. Happy to connect with you soon, too.