Live Videos that Google Can See

Live videos on social media doesn’t have to be watch it or you’ll miss it kind of a deal. There’s good things being said that is worth keeping around for months or longer.

Live Video Commentaries

We recorded 2 videos during #pdc19, the Purpose Driven Church conference, official website

In this video with Lee Yi and DJ Chuang, we talk about the PD Church conference, meeting old and new friends, hearing from all kinds of PD churches, delicious food destinations, Nashville hot chicken in the OC, how to be a foodie in 2 easy steps, a friend’s new vlogs on his YouTube channel, what you get for volunteering at Saddleback Church, and something else. Recorded live in front of the PD Cast airstream trailer. Please forgive the poor audio quality, the wifi signal was super slow with over 2,000 in attendance from 37 countries, and the folding rocking chair was squeaky.

In the video with Jamie Buchanan and DJ Chuang, also recorded at the PD Church conference, road tripping, what’s best, meeting someone who did Ph.D. doctoral research about online churches, challenges of doing small talk. Also about essential oils and why Jamie loves them but so many people haven’t heard of them, apparently they’re ancient knowledge from centuries ago, launching the Erasing Shame podcast by using Facebook Live, and the thousands of people that will see this public video because it’s embedded on a website outside of Facebook. (Notice how she is so giggly.)

Quality Could Be Optional

What we were incredibly surprised by is that these 2 videos had more views than some of the official highly-produced videos (i.e. using professional-grade cameras and mics.)

What does that mean?

You don’t have to record highly-produced videos to connect with a public audience.

What a great way to record a conversation and share it with the world. Good people have so much to say; and it doesn’t have to be said in person and lost forever. It can be recorded, shared, and live on for years online. And it’s so much better than the noise and vitriolic hate speech that litters the interwebs with ugliness and forebodes a dystopian future.

Short Lived User Generated Content

The hashtag #pdc19 on Instagram got over 600 images, nice; unfortunately, the hashtag #pdc19 on Facebook doesn’t show much, depending on if you’re logged in or not, even if it was used many times.

What this post illustrates is how our 2 little videos can live on much longer, by being search engine friendly, so when people search for keywords related to what we’re talking about here, on the video and in the blog post, can be useful for people searching for what we have.

It’s So Easy to Be Relevant

Have something to say about what people are searching for; that’s relevance made simple.

Seek and ye shall find, friends.


P.S. Here is that YouTube channel with our pastor friend’s vlogs. His name is John Shin. That means the PJS stands for Pastor John Shin. Very few Asian American Christian pastors are vlogging; this is good to see happen, no?


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    Jay Cole

    The tools of the trade very powerful way to connect people to Jesus.

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