What People Can Do about the Evil of Islamic State in Iraq

The bad news of genocide continues in Iraq and one has to wonder Is Anyone Answering Iraqi Christians’ Cries for Help? Yes, there’s help of humanitarian aid on its way, but that will not put a stop to the threat of killings. This ugly suffering weighs heavy and it seems like we can’t do anything but pray.

Here’s 5 things you can do = pray + give + write + sign a petition + raise awareness; read the entire article explaining how via ChristianToday.com: Crisis in Iraq – five things you can ACTUALLY do to help. The White House petition to help the Christians of Mosul and Iraq who are part of a modern day Holocaust has 43,000+ signatures (at the time of this post) has a goal of 100,000 by August 20th.
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Al Jazeera’s reported that one expert called this situation the “most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11,” the Al-Qaeda-breakaway group that has taken over portions of Iraq and Syria has declared its vast holdings a restored Islamic caliphate and required Muslims around the world to pledge their allegiance. And, in its article Iraq’s political reconciliation holds key to fighting Islamic State — “Islamic State, which in the past two months has seized large areas along the Iraq-Syria border, has the ultimate goal of establishing what it calls a caliphate. Fighters from the group have beheaded and even crucified their captives in an effort to wipe out those it considers apostates.”

And, 2 groups of people gathered for White House prayer vigils this past week, on Thursday August 7th and on Saturday August 9th (“End the Genocide of Christians in Iraq! Public Witness and Vigil at the White House!“), with little notice from traditional mainstream media; organized by two prayer leaders, Rev. Rob Schenck (Faith and Action) Rev. Patrick Mahoney (Christian Defense Coalition), cf. Faith Leaders Thank President Obama for Responding to Crisis of Genocide and the Persecution of Christians and Other Religious Minorities in Iraq; photos below from timeline of fb.com/revmahoney

More photos and videos at Faith and Action’s Photo Album | Prayer and Call to Action at the White House for Religious Genocide in Iraq and on its Facebook Album


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  1. Thanks so much for posting about this DJ. It’s such an important subject.

    I have to say that it makes me sad when I read such news. But these are the things that God told us would happen in the last days in His Word.

    I’ll be praying for them.

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