Churches Praying in a 24/7 World

In today’s interconnected digital world, anyone can send a tweet or status update to say or share something instantly and globally through social media. And in times of need, our world has used social media like a public global online prayer meeting#PrayForSanBernardino, #PrayForParis#PrayforBoston. With it being so easy to share a prayer with the public (even though some are scrutinized as being nothing more than a platitude), how easily can someone share a prayer with a church?

There are churches known for worship, for preaching, for teaching, for innovating, for fast growth. Where are the churches known for prayer? What’s the first church that comes to mind that’s popularly known as being a praying church? Adam Stadtmiller in The Prayer-Centered Church (Leadership Journal, October 2014) observed this:

Today we can find churches known for strong teaching or dynamic worship or social justice or evangelism. With a few exceptions, church leaders do not define themselves by the apostolic standard of the primacy of prayer and the Word.

Have you noticed that most church websites have basic info about its worship service(s); many have sermons; some have online giving. But how can people connect with a church for something important like prayer in times of need?

Here’s some examples of churches that offer to pray for people by taking prayer requests anytime::


Gateway Church (Southlake Texas) has “Pray” featured in its top navigation menu; and has also developed the Table mobile app to faciliate millions of prayers shared and prayed in thousands of churches.

Times Square Church > About > Prayer > Worldwide Prayer Meeting + + Text wwpray to 88202

International House of Prayer has a 24/7 Prayer Room with 2-hour sessions livestreamed around the clock.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle‘s website home page features a Continual Prayer feed + several prayer options.

And there are different ways churches provide a prayer request form online:

People can even text a Prayer Intention to a Franciscan Friar by sending a text to 30644 (cf. Huffington Post’s Franciscan Friars Accepting Text Prayer Requests)

Know of any others? Please add a comment & share.


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