News Release: Logos Bible Software is now Faithlife Corporation

Logos Bible Software


Logos Bible Software is now Faithlife Corporation

Logos Bible Software has changed its company name to Faithlife Corporation to reflect a wider offering of products and services for the Christian community.

BELLINGHAM, Wash., September 15, 2014 — Logos Bible Software, the maker of the world’s leading Bible software, is rebranding to Faithlife Corporation — a name that reflects a broader line of products and services.

“Logos Bible Software is still our flagship product, and we’re not changing its name,” said Bob Pritchett, president and CEO of Faithlife. “You’ll still find us at But ‘software’ is something you download onto your desktop computer. …we’re moving toward a future where apps, websites and digital content set the pace.”

In the past few years, Faithlife has expanded from Bible software to become a leading provider of digital content and tools for the Christian community. The company’s major releases include Vyrso, a Christian e-book store and e-reader app (released in 2011); Proclaim Church Presentation Software (2012); the Faithlife Study Bible (2012); Noet, a suite of research tools for classical studies (2013) and Lexham Press, a publisher of digital-first biblical content (2013).

A new website and a refreshed Faithlife logo accompany the rebrand, and the majority of Faithlife’s offerings can be found at

“We are still the same team, with the same leaders and owners and with the same goal: helping our users do more and better Bible study — and more!” Pritchett said.

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