The Very First .CHURCH Websites are Live!

Today (September 17th, 2014) marked the first day of general public availability of .CHURCH domain names, with annual registration fees are retailing for around $25-45/year. (though during the past 7 days, some 600+ registered early by paying an extra premium setup fee.)

Getting a meaningful and memorable .CHURCH domain name is only part of the equation. A website has to developed and connected to that domain name. But, if you build it, they won’t come. People have to know about the website and/or find that website. Currently, Google remains the most popular search engine. And, according to Google Search, these are the first 5 church websites running on their new .CHURCH domain names = SocialMedia.Church + ForeFront.Church + Thrive.Church + Bethesda.Church + StMargaret.Church


The concept called “first mover” used to be an advantage. In our 21st century today, the low entry barrier in this instant digital publishing world means second-movers and late-comers can learn from those who’ve launched first, and leap-frog past the first-movers by being nimble and agile to develop something better fairly quickly. In other words, the first movers might have a head start, but it’s easier than ever for others to catch up.

But the first movers will always be the first movers. That’s not as much as it use to be, it’s not nothing, but it is something.

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This post is part of a blog series tagged gTLD. Plus, a disclosure: I work on the launch team of the .BIBLE Registry and I’m the host of the SocialMedia.Church podcast.


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