My New Blog Demystifying Prayer

I started a new blog project called Demystifying Prayer. It will run for 30 weeks. I’ll be blogging my conversational prayer with God, the one of Christianity as revealed in the Bible, about once a week.


The idea for this blog came from my realization or discovery that my praying seems to engage me better when I’m typing than when I’m silently thinking thoughts to God as a prayer. And, I’m not a verbose person that likes to talk too much and use my vocal cords and get dry mouth. So I’m writing out my prayers. There’s a biblical precedence for that. Read more about the Demystifying Prayer blog project.

But, that’s not all. I want to pray conversationally without the Christian jargon and the fancy spiritual words that even though I have studied theology more than the average person, I think I can express my heart’s thoughts and emotions more clearly and directly by using the words that naturally come to me. One of the phrases that’s opened up my prayer life in a new way is, “telling God what I want.” You know what, Jesus asked that question, too,

Follow along there by subscribing to the RSS feed or subscribing via email. I’d love to hear your feedback—just add a comment there. (the experiment has ended)