10 Most Common Causes of Hopelessness

There is hope for living each and every moment of life, each and every day. But, some people struggle with hopelessness. I know I have.

This sermon titled “How Hope Is Your Anchor” (September 2015) by Pastor Rick Warren shared these 10 reasons for why people lose hope, getting triggered towards hopelessness:

  1. You feel alone/abandoned
  2. Life seems out of control
  3. You don’t see a purpose
  4. Grieving a loss
  5. You don’t have what you need
  6. You’ve done something wrong
  7. Deeply wounded by someone
  8. Pulled in the wrong direction
  9. Hounded by fear
  10. When it looks like defeat

The truth is that there is hope, for you, and the antidote to each and every one of these reasons for hopelessnesss is in the Lord’s Prayer. Watch this video to hear Pastor Rick explain.

10 Reasons You Can Always Have Hope

Here are 10 reasons why you can have hope, as articulated in the Lord’s Prayer:

  1. My loving Father will never abandon me
  2. God’s power is greater than any problem
  3. God fits everything into His plan
  4. God has a greater purpose for my life
  5. God has promised to meet all my needs
  6. Jesus died to pay for all I’ve done wrong
  7. God will settle the score someday
  8. God has promised to help me
  9. Jesus in me is greater than any other power
  10. This is not the end of the story