Mapping out a DC Christmas Tour 2013

Merry Christmas! What better way is there than to worship God in Jesus Christ during Christmas week? This year I’m in the metro Washington DC area with family; and it’s become a family tradition to worship at as many church services as possible during Christmas week. Here’s my working spreadsheet, as I prepare my itinerary. And, for all year round, here’s a list of the most popular (aka: largest) churches in the metro DC area, that would include Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Do you love singing Christmas carols and celebrating this way too? [see my spreadsheet]

And, then after Christmas, I’ll be up in Baltimore for #CMC2013, a Chinese Mission Convention hosted by AFC Inc.


3 responses to “Mapping out a DC Christmas Tour 2013”

  1. grace comm in fulton has christmas eve services at 330, 530 and 730pm. merry chirstmas dj!

    1. @Tony, thank’s for mention of Grace Community – it’s website is for those of you up there closer to Howard County – and a Merry Christmas to you too!

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