How can words stop racism against Asians and Asian Americans?

A huuuuge group of Asian American Christians have connected online, mostly through Facebook Messenger and Facebook Group, myself included, to collaborate on drafting and publishing the Statement on Anti-Asian Racism in the Time of COVID-19. On the day of its release, over 1000 signatures. At the time of this post, April 2nd, over 7000 signatures from Asian Americans and friends who’ve signed to stand against hate speech and hate crime.

Please sign the statement to raise awareness of racially-motivated trauma and crimes against Asians and Asian Americans. Every signature counts, literally.

Please share the link to the statement = or the shorter version Want to do more? Do any 1 or more of the 5 action steps. And you can help with the website (like I did) or social media or other germ-free online activities. Ping the team and join the fun.

Plus, here’s the press release:

The Asian American Christian Collaborative has released a Statement on Anti-Asian Racism in the Time of COVID-19. Signed by Asian American Christians and community leaders across the country, it denounces the current rise in anti-Asian racism in the United States of America. It calls for an immediate end to the xenophobic rhetoric, hate crimes, and violence against our people and communities, and invites all Americans to join them.

Anti-Asian racism has been on the rise since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in December 2019. In the last two weeks of March 2020, Asian Americans have reported nearly 1,000 incidents of racism, and without mitigation, we expect that number to rise in the weeks ahead. Many of these were violent attacks against life and human dignity, and many more incidents have gone unreported. The FBI has also warned that hate crimes against Asian Americans will likely increase across the United States.

There has yet to be a national statement made by a collective Asian American body in response to this current contagion of xenophobia and racism. This statement seeks to fill that void. It was drafted by a collection of Asian American Christian leaders across the country. It is their desire, as followers of Jesus, to bring awareness to the experiences of racism that Asian Americans around this country have experienced and to also show that faithful Christian witness requires anti-racist work. As all people are made in the image of God, followers of Jesus must seek the flourishing of every human being, paying particular attention to those who are marginalized, oppressed, and suffering. This includes those who have experienced racism.

This statement will be released in conjunction with the launch of the Asian American Christian Collaborative website ( along with resources to help and empower individuals and to equip organizations and churches for faithful action to address anti-Asian racism. You can also join the conversation through their Facebook page, Asian American Christian Collaborative, which has grown from a small handful of people to over 1100 people in a span of just three days, suggesting the felt urgency around the issue.