Being the Church Online is More than Livestreaming

Churches around the world have started adjusting to the new reality of being connected by internet instead of gathering in person. And I think the future will be a both/and combo that actualizes the fact of the church are the people 24/7 wherever they are, not the worship service where believers gather.

The church online and internet campus phenomena started around 2007 and now in 2020, traditional churches are coming to realize the necessity of connecting people digitally more frequently during this quarantine period #churchhasleftthebuilding and hopefully also recognizing the value of connecting more often than the occasional in-person meetings.

Someone asked me for best practices and examples of churches online and their assimilation and volunteer processes. While that should look different for every church, because each church has its own culture and terminology, there’s much that can be learned from the examples of what’s working for others.

One caveat before you scroll on by: get understanding and don’t just jump to the answer or best model. Just using what “works best” for someone else may not work for your church; you need to understand what you’re doing and what you’re getting into. Don’t be driving a Tesla like you would a Ford.

Here’s what I could find so far (and I’ll update as I find more.) Please add more to this list by contacting me or commenting. Thanks in advance.

Digital Church Guidebook (from The Institute of Digital Ecclesiology) – ideal for pastors, church planters, missionaries, seminarians, and lay leaders

State of the Online Church eBook – a guidebook for creating and implementing an online church strategy (by Jay Kranda, Vanderbloemen, and Pushpay)

Behind the Screen: What Do We Know About Online Church? (from Living As One) – the latest trends of how and why churches of various sizes are using online streaming in their ministry strategy

A Blueprint for Online Church – free course by Jay Kranda (Online Campus Pastor at Saddleback Church)

from Life.Church Open Network

from Stadia Church Planting and THECHURCH.DIGITAL

Faith on Facebook Resource Hub – Learn how to build an authentic faith community on Facebook

Together Church’s Online Pastor Daniel Sih has a great video series and Facebook group (Australia)

Taking Church Online: Services & Prayer webinar series (by MinistryPlatform and Church IT Network)

Articles and Blog Posts

by Jay Kranda

by David Limiero (Senior Director of Strategic Services for Stadia Church Planting)

3 reasons to start an online small groups (by Rey DeArmas, the Online Pastor at Christ Fellowship Miami)

3 Ways to do Online Discipleship (Tom Pounder, Online Campus Pastor at New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, Virginia)

Free PDF checklist designed to help you build an effective assimilation strategy, to help guests at your church become connected, serving members (Greg Curtis of Eastside Church)

How to create online community & discipleship without a huge budget & large staff (Samuel Deuth of Awaken Church)

The Keys To Creating A Scalable Church Assimilation or Growth Track Process (Scott Magdalein of ServeHQ)

Assimilation Process Implementation: The Details Of Developing And Implementing An Assimilation Process (Kevin Stone of Executive Pastor Online)

3 Challenges Every Church Faces: Assimilation and How to Make Sure People Are Connecting in Your Church (Church Community Builder)

Assimilation: Best Practices with the Whole Church in Mind – free solution guide (ACS Technologies)

What Executive Pastors Should Know About Assimilation (Church Executive) with 3 related eBooks:

  • RICK HOLLIDAY & NORTH POINT: Technology + engagement = growth // Examining the 4-step engagement process
  • How to Drive Connection & Assimilation Using Church Management Software // What effective assimilation looks like
  • STAYING CONNECTED BEYOND SUNDAY // Tried-and-true strategies — plus, how technology can come alongside your best efforts


Victory Life Church has online church serving opportunities for prayer team, host team, operations team, and LifeGroup leaders.

Life Church Assimilation Process

process charts


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