Engaging Church Visitors Online

Recently discovered a gold mine of help for churches and pastors with Greg Curtis sharing about how to welcome church guests and connecting them into the life of the church. The church jargon technical term for that is “assimilation.” (yes, this kinda sounds ominous in the Borg and Star Trek sense of the word, but in the church world, it’s a good intention to bring people into community, though I’d like to think there’s gotta be a better word churches could be using.)

Greg Curtis is Pastor of Assimilation at Eastside Church in Anaheim, California, and his website is at gregcurtis-assimilation.com called Climbing the Assimilayas.

During this COVID-19 crisis and pandemic, he’s been sharing his learnings on a livestream on his Facebook timeline facebook.com/Gregcurtis63 on Tuesdays.

Learning about Connecting Guests into a Faith Community

Plus, Greg has also posted his learning summaries on his blog, as a 30-minute video with assimilation strategies, and also an online course (with a money-back guarantee).

I love how he is providing valuable training and learnings in so many different formats because people learn in different ways. What’s your favorite?