How to offend Asian Americans and Asians

Here’s a user’s guide to a library of content that will guarantee your offending Asians and Asian Americans. As someone who has watched more stand-up comedy than the average person, with comedian wannabe as my childhood dream (and still a search phrase currently ranked #1 on Google), a large portion of comedy in America today has subject matters that are patently offensive, profane, provocative, objectionable, unclean & dirty jokes. All that to say, I personally have a higher level of tolerance for offensive content used in comedy; most people will not tolerate offensive content, and as such, I strongly suggest that you do not ever use any of the subject matters illustrated in these videos below. What seriously crosses the line is when people use Asian stereotypes unknowingly and unintentionally.average_asian

To illustrate what subject matters are totally offensive to Asian Americans and Asians of all stripes, you may consider watching this YouTube playlist of MADtv videos from their “Average Asian” series. Wikipedia described this series of skits as follows: “involved an Asian-American man named Hideki (Bobby Lee) in social settings, where those around him expect him to do stereotypically-Asian things, such as practicing Chinese medicine or creating origami. Out of these various stereotypes, few were proven true; one showing Hideki beating a non-Asian in table tennis and another where he calls a group of ninjas to attack.

PARENTAL ADVISORY/OBJECTIONABLE CONTENT ALERT: there is offensive content through and through in these MADtv videos, not only racially insensitive stereotypes but also sexual innuendos and more offensiveness. If you’re not offended by any of these videos, you just might be an insensitive redneck. You’ve been warned.