Get a social media strategy day for your church

One of the things I’m doing now is facilitating a social media strategy day for a church’s leadership team. Thanks to this interview with Dave Travis of Leadership Network, you can get a snapshot of what I can do for a church. Here’s an excerpt:

Dave: I think everyone knows that Social Media is of growing importance, but how is it important to churches?
DJ: Social Media is important to churches because churches are all about connecting people to people and people to God. Essential to connecting people into relationships is two-way communication, and Social Media has accelerated how millions are communicating with one another on an individual basis. Organizations, both businesses and churches, have been comparatively slower to use Social Media as a part of their communication with their constituents.

Dave: What does a day look like when you visit with a church?
DJ: Just as Social Media is very personalized, my Social Media Strategy session with a church is very customized. Before the meeting, I start with pre-work in collaboration with select church leaders to identify their burning questions and what they want to solve during our strategy session together. Then during the day, I facilitate a highly dynamic process of where they are now, where they want to go, and how they can get there. We sketch out the road map and they’re on the way!

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In case you’ve not heard of The Austin Stone Community Church, you probably have heard of Chris Tomlin. That was his home church. *grin*