Most popular Facebook pages of churches and ministries 2012

What are the Facebook pages for churches and ministries with the most likes, aka fans? As we’ve entered the post-billion era of Facebook (the social network that surpassed 1 billion monthly active users on October 4th, 2012),  it’s time to update my previously manually-compiled list of top churches on Facebook back in February 2011. Recently found a handy web service called that makes it much easier to find the most liked Facebook pages by category, including one for Church / Religious Organization.

This is the 2012 list of the top 20 churches and ministries on Facebook —

Church / Ministry Facebook Page URL Likes (fans)
Joel Osteen Ministries  2.5m
T.D. Jakes Ministries  1.2m
TB Joshua Ministries  478k
Online Church (of Community Bible Church)  237k
International House of Prayer  166k
Hillsong Church  137k
John Hagee Ministries  129k
Hillsong Church London  128k
 LifeChurch.TV  104k
 Kenneth Copeland Ministries  86k
 Bethel Church, Redding  81k
 Grace to You (John MacArthur)  68k
Mars Hill Church (Seattle)  46k
 Saddleback Church  25k
NewSpring Church  24k
Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale  21k
Crossroads  18k
Church of the Highlands  17k
New Creation Church, Singapore  16k
Christ’s Commission Fellowship  16k

And there are very popular Facebook pages about Christianity and Jesus (with million+ more likes than organized churches and ministries), like Jesus Daily (14.3m likes), Digital Bible (8.5m likes), GodVine (3.0m likes), and ChristiaNet (1.5m likes).

And there are some well-liked denominations and networks of churches on Facebook pages too:

Time to make this participatory, too. What observations do you notice about these Facebook pages? What kind of content and how often are they posting? What are the principles you can infer from how they’re encouraging social engagement (cf. “talking about this”) so people will like, comment, and/or share a page update?


7 responses to “Most popular Facebook pages of churches and ministries 2012”

  1. Other than the fact that you found a new tool, is there a reason you started including ministries this time? I did like the way you previously kept it to only churches… 🙂 It’s an important metric I think.

  2. Hi Aaron, thanks for the comment. I included ministries and denominations mostly because that’s what came up in the results table. The way Facebook categories work, it puts all of those — churches, ministries, denominations, Christian religious pages, all in the same bucket. I only scrolled thru the top 200 in the Church/religious organization category, you can keep scrolling to find your church, probably on the next page 😉

  3. Please consider The LCMS denomination for your list. 38k+ Likes

    Also: here’s an Interest List with all the big churches on FB

  4. Nice curated list DJ! It’s not easy to separate wheat from chaff from socialbakers or any other automatically-generated lists/tools

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