Mental Health at Orange County Churches

If you don’t struggle with mental health, you probably know someone who does. About 20% of Americans experience mental health issues every year. It’s not the easiest thing to find safe churches that embraces all aspects of a Christian person’s life that...

Mental Health Conference in Fullerton 3/09

[update] My workshop, Erasing Shame through Honest Conversations, was recorded successfully and is posted at . Watch or listen and share. Hello friends, I’ll be presenting at a breakout during this upcoming mental health conference in Fullerton, California. I’ll be talking...

Chinese American Mental Health Seminar Videos

Very valuable resources are now available online: culturally-relevant informative videos about mental health in Chinese and Asian American communities. Watch the videos in this YouTube playlist from the 2018 Enlighten Mental Health Seminar. Enlighten seminar notes and video titles are posted at