Chinese American Mental Health Seminar Videos

Very valuable resources are now available online: culturally-relevant informative videos about mental health in Chinese and Asian American communities. Watch the videos in this YouTube playlist from the 2018 Enlighten Mental Health Seminar. Enlighten seminar notes and video titles are posted at

December 2018 Monthly FaithNet Conference Call

Faith communities provide an extra valuable source of support and care for those who struggle with mental health and mental illnesses. While the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is the largest organization that works hard to educate, raise awareness, and advocate...

Can we talk about shame?

Yes, we have launched a podcast called Erasing Shame where we will have honest talk for healthy living—emotionally, relationally, mentally, and personally. DJ Chuang and Eunice Lee will co-host Season 1 together. I’m particular grateful for Eunice making time to do this...