Asian American Barriers to Mental Health Treatment & How Churches Can Help

Key Ministry started a new series on Mental Health Ministry and Cultural Competence and they invited me as one of their webinar speakers, for which I’m grateful to have shared from my lived experience in managing my mood disorder.

2020 brought rapid change to the worldwide Church, but one thing that has not changed much is that ethnically diverse populations seek treatment for mental health needs at a much lower rate than their White peers.

On this webinar, I shared about the particular needs and barriers faced by Asian Americans in seeking mental health treatment, and how the Church can help.

5 Best Current Resources about Asian American Mental Health

Erasing Shame podcast – honest talk for healthy living – Current series = Asian American Mental Health – Dr. Jenny Wang’s Instagram feed

Subtle Asian Mental Health – where 54K+ members share honestly and vulnerably about mental health

Asian Mental Health Collective – Asian American therapists with a podcast + Asian, Pacific Islander, and South Asian American (APISAA) Therapist Directory + Asian Canadian Therapist Directory