Asian American Evangelicals and Race Matters

There’s a recent history of race matters for Asian Americans and evangelicals. American culture today is well-aware of how racism is alive and well, not just the overt offensive things but also systemic racism and racial insensitivities too.

Grateful to be invited to speak this week in a class in the Asian American Ministry track of the Doctor of Ministry program at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.

I’ll be mentioning a curated set of articles, related resources, and other things about American evangelicalism, Asian Americans, culture,  race, faith, and all that. This topic is much more than what can be covered in a blog post or a class session; but this collection of resources should be a good starting point for a more thoroughly-studied history, analysis, and discussion.

@ The Exchange, Ed Stetzer’s blog (November 2013)—

  1. 9 Things About Asian American Christianity: Asian Americans are accelerating in their role in participating and shaping the future of the American church at large.
  2. Why Evangelicals Don’t Know Asian Americans: We have quite a way to go towards ending racial stereotyping in Christendom
  3. Ethnicity, Context, and Mission: A Brighter Future for the Church—DJ Chuang shares his thoughts on the future of the Church.

Links: A Brief History of Evangelical Racial Insensitivity

[YouTube Playlist] “Altered Egos: Gospel, Pop Culture + Asian American Identity” (May 21, 2016) #videos

InterVarsity Names a Historic New President: Tom Lin’s appointment is the second significant position in mission leadership gained by Asian Americans this spring.

American Baptists tap international missions head — Sharon Koh elected as executive director of the American Baptist International Missions

Christianity Today magazine, October 2014 (Vol.58, No.8) topic: Asian Americans

5 Asian-American Preachers ( [according to Twitter]

A Joint Statement on Racial Tensions on College Campuses from AACF, Epic Movement, InterVarsity AAM, Ohana Partners, and SEAC

Asian/Asian American Open Letter to Princeton Theological Seminary (March 2016)

The Future of the Asian American Church: Protesting the Status Quo (Together for the Gospel, April 2016)

Asian American Pastors on Megachurch Staff

Peter Cha: Preparing for the 2040 Reality (at Urbana ‘12 PANA Lounge) #video

James Choung: Redeeming Our Gifts (at Urbana ‘12 PANA Lounge) #video

Dr. Jeffrey K. Jue: Does the Asian-American Church Need an Adjusted Gospel?


One response to “Asian American Evangelicals and Race Matters”

  1. i am happy to hear that you are discovering what most christian detaoinmnions are also slowly discovering; that we must constantly be doing theology as it relates not only to our time-honored traditions but also to the world around us. how to keep christianity relevant in a time when secular humanism offers a much easier path is difficult, but not impossible. i pray that your continued journey will eventually cause a great impact on your church, and that voices like yours will rise up to meet the challenges of christian discourse in a post-modern society. blessings

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