Asian American Pastors on Megachurch Staff

As growing numbers of megachurches (weekend attendance over 2,000) in America have adapted and developed into multi-site churches (being one church in multiple locations), perhaps one of the next nascent developments is an intentional multi-ethnic diversity on their pastoral staff.

In recent years, I’m starting to notice (and getting occasional phone calls) an uptick in the number of Asian American pastors on churches with larger number of staff to better serve a multiethnic and multicultural diversity in the church’s community. Thought I’d put this list out there (in no particular order) and see if you’re noticing this too (and with your help, we can collaboratively keep this updated).

Very Large Churches with Asian American Pastors

Saddleback Church: Sam Yoon, Steve Yu, Kyung Lee, John Shin, Julie Chung, William Kim, Reagan Miura, David Mandani, Randy Craft, Kevin Lee, Santosh Swamidass, Chris Yi, Rommel Manio, Sam Song

Mariners Church: Daniel “DK” Kim, Steve Bang Lee, Kevin Nguyen

The Village Church of Irvine: Jon Begg, Reuben Park

WestGate Church: David Kim, Jay Kim

Discovery Church: Scott Kim

North Coast Church: Dennis Choy, Andy Na

Pacific Crossroads Church: Paul Kim

North Coast Calvary Chapel: Jung Park

Christian Assembly: Albert Kim, Jacob Park

Menlo Church: Eugene Lee, Sue Kim-Ahn, Gloria Lee

Rolling Hills Covenant Church: Vance Hartzell

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa: John Hwang

Evangelical Free Church (Diamond Bar CA): Tim Park

Fellowship Monrovia: Michael Lee, Christine Suh

Chase Oaks Church: Peter Park, Ly Tran, Jianbo Guo

The Austin Stone Community Church: Halim Suh, Steve Teng

Gateway Church (Austin): Jonathan Eng

Houston’s First Baptist Church: Lee Hsia

Willow Creek Community Church: Jeremy Chia, Nuree Kim, James Paek

Park Community Church: Kensen Lam

Redeemer Presbyterian Church: John Lin, Abe Cho, Ed Sirya, Aaron Bjerke, Joseph Yu

Liquid Church: Hyosil Seigel

Grace Chapel: Jeanette Yep, Tom Lee

Grace Community Church: Mitchel Lee, Tae Pae

Seneca Creek Community Church: Jonathan Der

Capitol Hill Baptist Church: Deepak Reju

The Summit Church: Peter Park

Grace Fellowship (Albany NY): Justin Yim

The Crossing (Costa Mesa): Michelle Yuen

Cathedral of Faith (San Jose): Cedric Tsang, Vaughn Thompson

Bethlehem Baptist Church (Minneapolis)Mike Tong

Calvary Community Church (Westlake Village): Carolyn Taketa

The Highway Community: Steve Joh

Quest Church (Seattle): Gail Song Bantum, Aaron Cho

Life.Church: Alan George

Christ the King Community Church (Bellingham): Lem Usita, Garret Shelsta

Venture Christian Church: Eddie Byun, JC Park

New Life Community Church: Shaolong Jiang

Newspring Church: Dan Lian

A Kind of Multiethnic Churches

In the Asian American context, this kinda fits what sometimes is called a “hotel” model of church. And what’s significant of this developing story is how a significant number of English-speaking Asian Americans are not just attending largely Anglo or Caucasian churches but also serving on staff and maybe making a bigger ethnic & cultural contribution in the future.

And, yes, there are ethnic Asian North American Korean megachurches and large Chinese churches, plus several growing multiethnic churches (I know of) that have an Asian American lead pastor on that trajectory of becoming a megachurch.

// [clarification 7/24: we’re looking for multiethnic diversity in both attendance and pastoral staff, cf. @JeffreyJue] //

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19 Responses

  1. John Campbell says:

    DJ, while I am all for diversity in ministry leadership, is there a practical reason to make a list of all Asian American pastors on staff across the country?

    • djchuang says:

      Hi John, thanks for adding a comment. I’m not a very practical person, so I don’t know what is or isn’t practical about this list. But it is something that may be of interest to someone else out there. More so than a photo of a cat or dog. 🙂

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