Christianity Today cover story on Asian Americans

Christianity Today Magazine’s October 2014 cover story is “Asian Americans: Silent No More — Asian American Christians are growing in influence and audience. Will they be embraced by their broader church family?” by Helen Lee, who recently started a new role at InterVarsity Press as Associate Editor. The cover’s wording is: “Asian American Ascent: They are finding their voices, leading churches, and connecting with people others cannot reach.” She also authored a handful of related articles (aka sidebar):

The articles are currently subscriber only—the author, publisher, editors, and staff would encourage you to subscribe to Christianity Today Magazine and get access to these articles and more. I’ve heard (read) a couple times that these articles will be unlocked and made available to all (paywalls lowered) in about a week. #Patience. [update] @CTMagazine confirmed that: “Each article will be unlocked as they’re featured on the CT homepage, so readers should keep checking in!


If one of your friends is a Christianity Today subscriber, there’s an option to “unlock this article for a friend” in the right sidebar. So be sure to ask nicely, use the magic word, and maybe you could read the articles sooner.


And, there’s a section topic on for all of its articles and blog posts about Asian Americans, dating back to September 2012.

Helen Lee’s 1996 article “Silent Exodus: Can the East Asian church in America reverse the flight of its next generation?” was instrumental in raising awareness for churches to contextualize its ministry to next generation Asian Americans.


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  1. Biola University and its Talbot School of Theology is hosting the 1st annual Asian American Ministry Conference on the topic of Mentoring, November 8th, 2014, in La Mirada, California. See website for details! What a uniquely timely & valuable equipping opportunity for Asian American Christians, church leaders, pastors, and ministry leaders.

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