Urbana vs. Passion – which will you choose?

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9 Responses

  1. djchuang says:

    For those of you who decided and have registered, how did you decide??

    Help the undecided and/or not yet registered ones – NOTE the early registration deadlines — November 12th for Urbana 12 and December 1 for Passion 2013

    [disclosure: I’m a member of the Social Media Squad for Urbana 12]

  2. tim lo says:

    Is passion every year? If so, I think that would be an important factor given that Urbana is only every 3 years

    • djchuang says:

      Yes, it does look like Passion has a conference at least once a year, and in multiple locations around the world (though each may be different in some ways), while Urbana is only once every 3 years.

  3. djchuang says:

    Also, there’s another Christian mega-conference on December 28-31 for “25,000 young adults at the International House of Prayer’s onething conference” in Kansas City — http://www.ihopkc.org/onething/

  4. Blane Young says:

    There is another large conference for college students focused on missions and is called The World Missions Summit. It happens once every four years and is a collaborative effort between The Assemblies of God & Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. From cultural exhibitions to meals with current missionaries and opportunities to hear from those who have “given a year and prayed about a lifetime”, it’s an incredible event. It’s where I will be and it’s hosted in Ft. Worth Texas this year from December 28-30!


  5. kristen says:

    this is an interesting side-by-side and rather unbiased considering you’re IV staff. I wonder if it’s so unbiased it doesn’t highlight some of the major differences? (I’m IV staff struggling to put into words… google searching if anyone else has yet!)

  6. kristen says:

    Here’s a thought: the Passion conference has in common with Urbana is its “reach” and not as much the structure or content. Similarities: Large #s of young attendees. A worship-y and mission-y “feel”.
    But the differences I see are more significant than price, location, and recognizable speakers. The structures are different; the campus connections (or follow- up opportunities after a weeklong experience), the culture of the group, ethnic and cultural diversity of speakers and teachers, and of worship opportunities… the mission is different. The mission statement for Passion is similar to the mission statement for Urbana yet they go about it in different ways, which to me highlights that they have different purposes. Passion mobilizes attendees towards one cause with a handful of organizations representing the Kingdom work towards that cause, and fundraising within the attendance group. Urbana is significantly broader. The outcomes are also different- after Passion you have a great set of “hit” worship songs which serve churches and worshiping communities for the coming years, and a huge group of students has a vision for worship/ discipleship in their day to day lives, alongside a vision for ending slavery, and a possible connection to some number of groups (including the church or youth group they might have come with or been sponsored by).
    After Urbana, a huge group of students has that same vision (personal worship/ discipleship), but with a focus and balance on the outward expression of that worship. 4,000 specific commitments, thousands of connections to hundreds of groups including campus follow up with IV, BCM, AIV, LaFe, etc.

    All this to say I am struggling today to see and appreciate the “point” of the Passion conference, on a year when it’s juxtaposed with Urbana. I need a change of heart, and I’m seeking that through some logic and understanding, alongside simply the Spirit’s work to unify, love unconditionally, have peace and graciousness, etc.

  7. djchuang says:

    @kristen, thank you for taking a closer & more detailed look at these 2 conferences.. to clarify, I am not IVCF staff. I did just return from Urbana 12 where I did serve as a volunteer. I realize that an infographic by its nature can only present simplified overview of a comparison, so your thoughtful detailed analysis is much more nuanced and explanatory of significant differences. thank you