Month: June 2012

  • It’s personal, oh so personal

    A leading influencer of our time, Seth Godin, can do it both, short-form blogging, long form articles, speeches, books. Knowing how to mix it up is just one more dimension of his success and influence. Yet he doesn’t go super short-form aka microblogging with twittering and facebooking. That’s to say you don’t have to use…

  • 8 easy to use group video chat web apps

    Here’s 8 web apps I’ve found to quickly and easily connect over a group video chat. You’d think with the internet maturing that there’d be more options for web-based no-download no-frills multi-user video conferencing. Granted, multi-point more-than-two livestreamed-duplex video feeds does raise the degree of technical difficulty exponentially. Of these free web apps, some are…

  • How an Introvert can build a platform

    I’ve already said it (and recommended it a handful of times in offline conversations), that Michael Hyatt‘s new book Platform is the best book about leveraging social media I’ve seen in 12+ years, and his team’s promotional efforts have put it on the bestsellers lists. And as I’ve recently launched a new podcast, Social Media…

  • Social Media Church launched

    Social Media Church launched

    I stayed up late and launched a new podcast for conversations with church leaders about social media! Click over and give it a listen and add a comment