Buy discounted gift cards: easiest way to save money

This isn’t so much a money back and it won’t prepare you for being crowned the next coupon king or coupon queen. but it does beat skimming around for 1% or 2% rebate on credit card spendings.

Here’s the crazy thing about gift cards- some people don’t want them because it’s not where they shop. Unused American gift cards from the past six years have added up to $44 billion of unspent cash.

Turns out there’s a little cottage industry of online exchanges to turn those unwanted gift cards into cash. and, for you to buy gift cards at a discount! It’s easy to find gift cards that save 10% to 30%! There are discount gift cards at websites like:

And the ultimate aggregator for discounted gift cards is – sorta like how aggregates movie reviews and Google News for news.

Some of my goto places where discount gift cards come in handy (~ average discount in parenthesis):

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