Apr 042014

At a Leadership Network collaborative event tech-gridfor churches strategizing about “What’s Next”, I made a presentation titled “The Present Future of Digital Technologies.”

I did the 15-minute talk twice. Listen to either 1 of 2 audios and follow along with the slide deck for a useful framework to thinking strategically about how to use current & emerging technologies for current & future opportunities.

Version 1

Version 2

Honored to be presenting with Nils Smith (OnlineChurch.com) during these sessions. I don’t think he had slides; I do have an upcoming episode with Nils on the Social Media Church podcast [will add link here.] Posting this presentation in reply to this tweet.


Oct 092013

Thanks for all who came to our workshop session on the Future for the Asian American Church at Exponential West 2013. Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in America today, and exponential numbers of next-gen multi-Asian churches are being planted that better reach the next generations of not just Asian Americans but also multiethnic America. Here’s the slides and links to references mentioned and a some bonus links too:

Pew Research Report – The Rise of Asian Americans
#article “O.C. exports Asian American churches to the world” (OC Register, January 2013)
Ambassador Network -  launching multiplying, multiethnic, and missional churches
Oct 082013

I’m talking at Exponential West 2013 about multi-site churches, one church in multiple locations, at a workshop session this afternoon. The number of multi-site churches has grown exponentially worldwide from around 100 in 1996 to more than 5,000 by 2012. Here are the slides, links, and resources.

Leadership Network‘s multi-site church resources - concept papers, FAQs, blog posts

Multi-site churches mentioned: Onnuri, Hillsong, LifeChurch.tv, McLean Bible Church, Westside Family Church, North Coast Church, Saddleback Church, Community Christian Church, Stillwater United Methodist Church, Harbor Presbyterian Church, New Hope Oahu

Map of multi-site churches at MultisiteSolutions.com/map

#article The Seven Most Important Questions When Going Multisite by Dave Ferguson (in Enrichment Journal)

#article Inspired by Starbucks: Charismatic Pastors Grow New Flocks Overseas, Using Satellites, DVds and Franchise Marketing To Spread Their Own Brand of Religion. (Wall Street Journal, June 2008)

#article Liquid Church Merges with Historic 190-Year-Old Congregation for ‘Rebirth’ (Christian Post) and video about new Mountainside campus

#video Greg Ligon: The best format for multisite ministries (innovate4jesus)

#download Should Your Church Go Multi-site?: A Self-Diagnostic Tool


Oct 092012

Here in Escondido, a suburban city I think you can call it, North of San Diego, California, for this regional rendition of National Worship Leader Conference October 9-11. 3 full days of conferencing to equip the every member of the church leadership & volunteers, those who make the weekend service happen. I’m honored to be invited to facilitate 2 workshops, Social Media Basics, and Advanced Social Media.

Posting the presentation slides and links mentioned here:

Social Media Basics: Top Online Tools to Connect Your Community (PDF)

Advanced Social Media: Developing Your Strategy for Desired Results (PDF)

social media manager: hootsuite.com, tweetdeck.com

a list of churches on Pinterest

top church pages on Facebook

least churched cities in America

how many churches have websites in America

top 200 church blogs via ChurchRelevance.com

Jul 182012

Facilitated 2 social media workshops at National Worship Leader Conference this week in Kansas City (Leawood), KS. Here are the slide decks.

Download slides for Social Media Basics (PDF)

Download slides for Advanced Social Media (PDF)

Stay connected with me on Twitter @djchuang and Facebook facebook.com/djchuang and 949-243-7260. Listen to the Social Media Church podcast at socialmediachurch.net

Links mentioned in workshop sessions:

Jun 272011

As the Census 2010 numbers are being crunched, our growing population makes for all the more opportunities for serving real needs of real people. And for the 17.3 million Asian Americans, who are comparatively the most educated and the most wealthy, that means a ton of raw potential for doing good and making a difference for multicultural American society and for a multinational global village.

I shared this short presentation with the AFC CMC 2013 planning committee. [tech note: I'm loving the new iPad app Bamboo Paper, free 'til 6/30]

CMC 2011 (Chinese Mission Convention 2011 West Coast) challenges Chinese and Asian Americans to fulfilling the Great Commission aka world evangelization, or as I prefer saying, being missional everywhere. This December 27-39 2011 in San Diego is CMC 2011, where the very popular Christian author Francis Chan is the main plenary speaker. Francis is now blogging at francisupdates.tumblr.com and with wife just had 5th child! Congratulations Father Francis!

References mentioned in presentation:

Additional resources:

Mar 112010

At SEALS: Southeast Asian Leadership Summit 2010 in San Jose, a conference of 140+ next generation Southeast Asian ministry leaders. Watch the main sessions as they’re being live-streamed. The organizer’s hospitality has been amazing — so encouraged to see the enthusiasm and heart of young leaders eager for God’s glory and caring for all peoples. Here’s a snapshot of who’s here:

I’ll be facilitating a workshop about social media, sort of a different angle than most of the other workshops that are addressing specific ministry issues. So my workshop, titled “Wielding online tools for connecting and collaborating,” is more about online tools & web apps and how they can be used for ministry. My slides are online [created entirely using Google Docs]. Based on discussions that flow from the 2 sessions of the same workshop, I’ll update this post with more links & references.

[updated] Links to Resources mentioned in workshop:

Oct 242009

// [ update: my presentation and related links are over at the L2 Foundation blog - click here ] //

ConferenceOn November 30th and December 1st, I’ll be at the NA-CCOWE (North American Chinese Congress on World Evangelization) conference English Track: “The Challenges and Future of English Ministries. This is the first time that the conference will host a parallel track, along side of the Mandarin Chinese language track. (Note that the event itself runs from 11/3 to 12/4.)

I’ll be making a presentation in a workshop about next generation Asian American churches. Knowing the audience is primarily English ministry leaders within an ethnic Chinese church, I hope to explore what can be practically applied from what is working among next generation multi-Asian/multi-ethnic churches, adapted from my presentation shared on several other occasions.
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Jan 162009

I got an invite from Daniel Lee [facebook profile], a Th.M. student at Fuller Theological Seminary, who is coordinating a newly-formed group on campus called Asian American Theological Fellowship. Last night was quite the privilege for me to share a presentation titled “Reaching the next generation of Asian Americans”.
More than a handful of my long-distance compadres asked about my thoughts and feelings about last night’s engagement. Here they are, in 3 parts: the presentation, the group, and the potential.

The presentation. This presentation consisted of 59 PowerPoint slides. If I ran thru them Lessig style, no big deal, but I dwelled on many of them, skipped a few, and lost track of time. Meaning, I think I went long– I did go longer than I had planned to. As I debrief here, it dawned on me that since I first built this presentation in September 2007, I’ve added on more slides to cover frequently asked questions. Now after (maybe) 5 iterations, I’ve only added more and more slides — didn’t remove any. No wonder I went long! If I were to take Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 rule of Powerpoint, get it down to 10 slides, I maybe could summarize it as:

  1. The opportunity is huge and urgent to reach more Asian Americans. The population will double in less than 50 years.
  2. Churches naturally have a life cycle like any organization. From time to time, church must adapt to cultural changes to revitalize, or else.
  3. Ethnic Asian churches have adapted to several models of multi-generational multi-lingual churches to accommodate both Asian-language speakers and English speakers.
  4. We’ve got so much more to offer. On the whole, in comparison to other racial groupings, Asian Americans are the most educated and have highest earnings. These resources have yet to be fully activated for Kingdom purposes.
  5. Healthy churches grow AND reproduce.
  6. In the past 10 years, there’s been an exponential growth of new churches effectively reaching next generation Asian Americans.
  7. New churches doing church a new way are found all over the United States. It’s not just a “West coast” phenomena.
  8. We still need more new English-speaking Asian-led churches to reach the next generation, and the unchurched majority.
  9. Ask not how can we keep “them” in church. Ask how can we reach more people for Jesus.
  10. It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.

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