The Present Future of Digital Technologies 2

At a Leadership Network collaborative event for churches strategizing about “What’s Next”, I made a presentation titled “The Present Future of Digital Technologies.” I did the 15-minute talk twice. Listen to either 1 of 2 audios and follow along with the slide deck for a useful framework to thinking strategically […]

NWLC California 2012 Slides 4

Here in Escondido, a suburban city I think you can call it, North of San Diego, California, for this regional rendition of National Worship Leader Conference October 9-11. 3 full days of conferencing to equip the every member of the church leadership & volunteers, those who make the weekend service […]

Workshop Slides from NWLC 2012 KS 10

Facilitated 2 social media workshops at National Worship Leader Conference this week in Kansas City (Leawood), KS. Here are the slide decks. Download slides for Social Media Basics (PDF) Download slides for Advanced Social Media (PDF) Stay connected with me on Twitter @djchuang and Facebook and 949-243-7260. Listen to […]

potential and opportunities: next gen Asian Americans 6

As the Census 2010 numbers are being crunched, our growing population makes for all the more opportunities for serving real needs of real people. And for the 17.3 million Asian Americans, who are comparatively the most educated and the most wealthy, that means a ton of raw potential for doing […]

next gen Southeast Asian Leaders 4

At SEALS: Southeast Asian Leadership Summit 2010 in San Jose, a conference of 140+ next generation Southeast Asian ministry leaders. Watch the main sessions as they’re being live-streamed. The organizer’s hospitality has been amazing — so encouraged to see the enthusiasm and heart of young leaders eager for God’s glory […]

Presentation on November 30th 5

// [ update: my presentation and related links are over at the L2 Foundation blog – click here ] // On November 30th and December 1st, I’ll be at the NA-CCOWE (North American Chinese Congress on World Evangelization) conference English Track: “The Challenges and Future of English Ministries”. This is […]