Who are the 3 Church Consultants on Reality TV?

Seminaries are great at training for theology, and the theological foundation is absolutely essential. But there’s a whole business side of running a church, as many of us learn the hard way. That’s where church consultants come in—to lay the organizational foundation for a church.

Just came across a new reality tv show “Church Rescue” on National Geographic channel. The main characters are 3 consultants that run Church Hoppers, LLC, “a consulting company designed to assist churches of all denominations in building balance within their ministry. … focus on three critical areas: systems, business, and sales/marketing.” The 3 consultants are Kevin Annas, Jerry Bentley, and Anthony Lockhart, and true to reality TV form, they’ve got nicknames, Rev. Kev, Doc, and Gladamere. I personally haven’t met these guys yet in my church conferencing trips, though I’ve met dozens of other church consultants along the way. (there’s over 3,000 church consultants according to the Society for Church Consulting.) The Church Hoppers team is based North Carolina, and according to their bio’s, they’ve got quite the mix of church ministry and business experiences.


From my initial browsing, it looks like they’ve gotten quite the exposure using traditional media tactics, reality TV on a cable channel (and I don’t have cable so I can’t watch any episodes), and mainstream media mentions, with Twitter and Facebook feeding into the traditional channels. Not a lot of social media chatter and engagement yet. And according to this tweet yesterday (11/25/13), the network is pulling the show after only a few episodes after its premiere on November 11th.

More details on the back story of Church Rescue:

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2 Responses

  1. T Fong says:

    This is actually very interesting and surprising show (I suppose not so surprising that it didn’t get renewed, but very interesting it got green lit).

    • djchuang says:

      TF, thanks for your comment.

      The communications haven’t been very transparent so I don’t know what exactly is going on, whether the Monday night showings are being pulled (some shows run multiple times during a week) or if the show is being cancelled before all 6 episodes run.