Video Email Made Easier, Free and Paid Platforms

Communicating more personally adds so much to building relationships and video technology makes the human connection better than ever. With as many modes and channels of communicating at our fingertips, there are many times when you can get a hold of someone in real-time.

Sure we can send a text message or email, but that’s just kinda flat. And leaving a voicemail is good, but there are people who don’t like talking ot a machine.

What about sending a video message? That’s easy for people on social media; but as I’ve discovered during the times we’re living in this season, there are still many people who are not on social media.

It’s so easy to leave a short video message on Facebook Messenger or Instagram, but what about people who only have email? Yes, I could record a video on YouTube, but the number of steps it’d take for the workflow takes too much time and effort, that I might as well just type out that email or record a voice message to send.

Here’s a handful of platforms that can streamline the process for sending a personalized video email to a friend you want to encourage, and what a video looks like on each one—

5 Free Video Email Services

Video Email for Gmail – “Record and send video!”

watch on cloudHQ

Potion – “Video email for top sales professionals”

Check out this video:

Hippo Video – “a Personalized Video Distribution Platform”

Watch Video @

Dubb – “Easily create actionable videos”

Video Mail – “Email videos from your cam right away”

This videomail will expire in 90 days. You can view it online at:

Did This Save You Some Time?

What should you use? That depends. I spent hours doing research on this, looking for something that’d be simple and reliable. I ran into glitches with since it was the first one I found and they’ve done a job at making it easy. Just not good enough in my situation. is the easiest, by far. (In case you’re curious, all I wanted to do was send individual prayer videos to my online small group members to encourage them, and most of them are not on social media; not so easy, kimosabe..)

And if you’d like, or don’t mind, the bells and whistles with their extra features, 1 of the other 3 are great platforms with unlimited videos on the free level. These platforms also have upgrades with monthly subscriptions to pay for extra features.

Sure, there are many more platforms and services that provide video email services and integration into CRM and managing bigger lists of contacts for sales and marketing services. That’s not my purpose, and I realize that subscription services are what keeps the lights on and servers running. I do prefer those platforms like Evernote who have enough paid users that can also serve free users too.

Big List of Video Email Platforms

Take a look over at for a huge list of commercial products, Video For Sales – The top video platforms for sales teams and individual reps looking to record and send video emails.