Pre-Order the Oculus Quest 2 for Prompt Home Delivery

Facebook Connect made a big announcement today, bringing a more powerful and more popular Virtual Reality (VR) headset to the general public, at a price point that’s more affordable for more people at $299.

You can pre-order it today, via (64gb or 256gb) or elsewhere, and it ships on October 13.

You can look at the “brochure” site at to see all the details about this new Quest 2.

A Personal Note

A full disclosure. I’m working with a nonprofit that is developing 2 VR projects. One will be fun for the whole family; the other will be wonderfully bringing more of the Bible alive through full immersion.

We are not ready to make any announcements yet. But it’s coming. There’s a good team of people putting together the final touches. Stay tuned.